Container test stand

This is a model example of our mobile applicable production test stands. Being incorporated into a 20 foot high, cube container, this test stand can easily be moved from one location to another and can be adjusted to different requirements. This allows us to check the functioning of high pressure components for the automobile industry. The space provided is utilised as well as possible. Easy operation, high accessibility and good maintenance conditions accompany the ergonomic handling of the components to be tested. Read more

Hydraulic units


Test stands for axial piston units

Our universal test stands with varying control versions have proven to be the ideal solution for various types of axial piston pumps and motors, no matter whether it is about the new, or further development of the parts to be inspected. They are equipped with high-precision measurement technique for the determination of speed, torque, pressure, angle of rotation, flow rate and temperature as well as with a visualised control unit, including easy-to-use software. In conclusion: Variable fields of application are combined with accurate results, which are obtained within seconds or a few minutes. Read more

Hydraulic units


Test stands for noise measurements

Using FMB Blickle airborne-noise noise test stands, structure-borne and fluid-borne noise measurements can be performed with ultimate accuracy. Not only the acoustic levels but also the operating data, characteristics and efficiencies of the components to be tested can be determined accurately. We design, manufacture and install the technologically demanding testing plants in accordance with our customers’ requirements. This includes the design of the acoustic chamber, the installation of high-precision measurement technology and the automation solution equipped with user-friendly software. Read more

Hydraulic units

Hydraulic supply systems

FMB Blickle's reputation is primarily built on our decades of expertise in hydraulic units. We develop, manufacture and maintain precisely adjusted, high-performance hydraulic supply systems for well-known customers in Germany and the rest of the world. The latest control technology is included, whether you need a customised solution, small quantities or large numbers. Thanks to their modular design, our systems can be adjusted easily to the according requirements.

Hydraulic units

The modular hydraulic units manufactured by FMB Blickle include tank, main drive, cooling and noise reduction as well as, upon request, the control unit including panel. Along with this, we offer highly energy-efficient pump designs for fixed displacement pumps with memory load circuit, hydraulically controlled and variable speed pumps. The sensor system for monitoring pressure, temperature, tank level, flow and medium condition monitoring can be selected individually.

Hydraulic assemblies

Our hydraulic assemblies are based on a modular construction. The compact design combined with its internal construction of the control blocks in 3D-CAD especially provides an enormous advantage.

Central supply systems

Together with hardware and software, another highly advanced solution, which has been developed by FMB Blickle, consists of hydraulic units and makes an impact with maintenance friendly and energy efficient design. Optional measures to reduce noise are available. The software includes an interface for connection to superordinated control units.

  • Hydraulic unit BAK 70 with integrated oil/air cooling device
  • Hydraulic clamping unit for machine tools
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Hydraulic unit

Automation and
control technology

The big advantage of the automation and control technology developed by FMB Blickle is the absolutely intuitive operation and the precisely adjusted hardware and software. Interfaces to superordinated control units are, of course, provided. The user-friendly interface of the software makes work much easier. The development and adaptation of our own software for test stands takes place in-house.

Automatisierungs- und Steuertechnik

Energy-saving cooling lubricant
supply systems

We have raised the reliable supply of cooling lubricants to a new technical level by developing advanced systems for both the external cooling and the supply of internally cooled tools. High quality filters keep the coolant clean for longer. Elaborate control technology automatically adjusts the use of energy to the requirements.

Repair &

Problem solving

One part of FMB Blickle´s service range is to support the smooth operation of the plants. Having qualified contact partners within easy reach means that the problem can be analysed on the phone. If necessary, they will organise and carry out prompt repair themselves.

Your contact Partner

Andreas Efinger
Head of Customer Service
+49 7720 698-237

Maintenance and revision
of plants

Our customer service will, of course, provide advice and technical assistance during any maintenance or revision work. This also applies to innovation needs. This assistance will help you to keep our hydraulic plants up-to-date with the latest technological developments.

Components and
spare parts

As far as FMB Blickle is concerned, the prompt delivery of high quality spare parts is a matter of course. We can supply our customers quickly, with the necessary components and accessories, either from our own warehouse or thanks to direct access to the stock from our partners, Bosch Rexroth AG and Moog GmbH. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right component. Upon request, we can also carry out a professional installation on site.

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