Familiengeführt über drei Generationen

Family owned for three generations

Albert Huber founds the company

Huber & Stadelmann

More than 60 years ago, Albert Huber, the grandfather of the current managing director, started his business as an official distributor of Robert Bosch GmbH. The new company was called Huber & Stadelmann. At that time, he could not have known that he had established the tradition of a family owned business for several generations.


Special foundation of trust

Horst Blickle joins the company

Horst Blickle, Albert Huber´s son-in-law, starts works for Huber & Stadelmann. The next step to becoming a family-run company has been taken.


New competencies

Becoming the specialist representative in the hydraulics sector for the Bosch Group

Under the new name, Albert Huber GmbH, the company becomes the specialist representative in the hydraulics sector for Robert Bosch GmbH.


Production of the first hydraulic unit


Go your own way

Spin-off and foundation of the company FMB Hydraulik GmbH

Albert Huber GmbH experiences change. The industrial hydraulics sector emerges as a spin-off. The independent company is located in Villingen-Schwenningen and is called FMB Hydraulik GmbH.


Horst Blickle starts his own company

Blickle GmbH is founded

In Mannheim, another contract wholesaler of Robert Bosch GmbH starts its business – Blickle GmbH, run by Horst Blickle. Immediately after its foundation, the new company purchases hydraulic facilities located in Remshalden and Viernheim. In the same year, FMB also takes fundamental steps for the further success of the company. The first test stand ordered is completed


FMB launches the new department drive and control technology


Two partners, one goal

FMB and Blickle merge

This was a decisive year for both FMB and Blickle. Initially, FMB manages the first hydraulic weight compensation, then the technical developments of the two companies are combined, which results in the foundation of FMB-Blickle GmbH. For the first time the new company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.


New alliances and business branches

Distributorship with Bosch Rexroth and further development stages

FMB Blickle becomes the official distribution partner of Bosch Rexroth AG in the industrial hydraulics sector. At the same time, the first development test stand for radial-piston engines is manufactured. On top of that, the cooling lubricant systems form the new division.

2004 - FMB Blickle Neue Generation

New generation

Fabian Blickle starts his work, new test stands are developed

At FMB Blickle, the family and owner-run aspect is increased. Fabian Blickle enters the company, assuming the responsibility for the series production division. Additionally, pleasing developments can also be reported from the technical side. The first two development test stands for axial piston units are manufactured.


Change of management

Fabian Blickle becomes the new managing director

Horst Blickle, long-time managing director of FMB Blickle, hands over the agendas to his son Fabian.


Turnkey test stands

Business development as General Contractor

FMB Blickle acts as main contractor in more and more test stand projects. This includes planning and implementation of all structural measures, performed e.g. in a development test stand for axial piston pumps.


A technological broadening of horizons

Development of a new test stand, development of proper software solution for test stands

Once again, FMB Blickle can present a newly developed test stand. This device was developed for hot water components. In addition, the company engages in the technologies of National Instruments and develops its proper complete software solution for test stands named autoHYPS. This ground-breaking software can be used for the automation of test stands and the integration of the measurement technology.


First stand-alone test stands

Turnkey test beds for production

Expansion of the product range in test stands. FMB Blickle develops and realizes the first compact production test bed in sea containers.


Cooperation with universities

General Research project , central supply unit for test stands

FMB Blickle intensifies its cooperation with German universities. A central supply unit for test stands is being built for RWTH Aachen. For an research project, funded by a German Central Innovation Programme, FMB Blickle designs and realizes a hydraulic system for a new extrusion process for the Institute of Metal Forming (IFU) Stuttgart.


First steps in complex test stand projects

Prototype test bed for automotive industry

FMB Blickle develops and commissions a complex development test stand for functional and endurance tests by a development partnership with an OEM.


Further central supply units

Central supply units for industrial series production

FMB Blickle realizes a central supply unit for 6 lines in the series production of injectors. The complete production was stopped for commissioning and start-up for the first time in customer‘s history – everything went according to plan. Further plants will be equipped with the same system step by step.


New test bed technologies

Innovative high-pressure test stands

The first high-pressure gasoline test stands are developed and built – with strict compliance to safety regulations for explosive atmospheres like ATEX. The same year, FMB Blickle realizes a test stand for high-pressure pulsation.

Creating the future together

Working at FMB Blickle

The reliability that characterises our systems and test stands comes as no surprise. It also reflects how we understand our work at FMB Blickle. Here, there are flat hierarchies; short distances and we always have an open ear for good proposals. Experience has shown us that challenges are best tackled together. This is how the well-known Swabian inventor spirit is created. And this is the only way for us to be market-leaders in the field of precision and punctuality, quality and innovation.

Just like reliability and precision, experience is no accident. Many of our employees have been working for FMB Blickle for years, some of them even for decades. You don't have to be a native Swabian to feel inventive spirit here. It is essential to be passionate about technology, to be curious and to have a positive attitude towards accuracy. For anyone who combines all these characteristics, we are the right company. You don’t need to have experience because born inventors can learn everything.


"At FMB Blickle it is quite natural to see the whole thing instead of just the immediate area of function. So there are no limits to creativity."

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FMB Blickle is proud of its teamwork. The high qualification level of our employees, the perfect cooperation between departments and the support through modern data and communication technology allows extensive performances of the highest quality. This is also confirmed by our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and the accreditation as a specialist company according to § 19/Water Resources Act.